The Planning Board voted May 17th, 2018 to appoint a Capital Improvement Program Committee. The CIP Committee consists of members of the Planning Board, the Select Board and the Budget Committee: Theresa Swanick, George Bull, Elaine Chick, Grace Fuller, Planning Board; Michael Cahalane, Selectman; Chuck Fuller, Budget Committee. Grace Fuller, Chair

The CIP meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm (at municipal meeting room, 68 School St.), with subcommittee members meeting more frequently as necessary. Relevant documents will be posted to a page linked here for public review. The public is encouraged to attend any meeting for input and discussion of agenda items. Any questions or suggestions can be emailed to: CIP (at)

Meeting Dates/Minutes Link Agenda
May 17, 2018 Discuss Process of CIP
June 14, 2018 Presentation by LRPC, Discuss Process
July 19, 2018 Discuss details of contract with LRPC
August 16, 2018 Initial Meeting with LRPC beginning CIP
September 20, 2018 canceled
October 18, 2018
January 24, 2019
February 21, 2019
March 21, 2019