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The ECC welcomes the public to walk the new Pine River Cherubini Preserve trail that connects the property to an old logging road and continues to the Pine River to one of the best views of nature in Effingham. Trailhead on Pine River Road.

The Larry Leavitt Preserve

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Please visit the Larry Leavitt Preserve located on Rt. 153 next spring. The ECC installed an ADA-compliant picnic table and bird watching platform for all to enjoy!

About the Commission

The Effingham Conservation Commission (ECC), established in 1976, is a volunteer advisory board appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Our primary responsibility is to protect the natural resources of the community. The ECC supports and advises the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Adjustment on conservation issues.

We assist landowners, review, and provide recommendations on wetland permit applications prior to forwarding the applications to the NHDES Wetlands Bureau.

ECC’s duties include keeping an index of open spaces, watersheds, aquifers, forests and woodland environments. When possible, we work to control non-native invasive plants. The Commission stewards and monitors town conservation properties.

The ECC believes our community is sustained by its natural landscapes, clean water, forests and varied habitats for animals and plants. The Commission sees its mission as working to preserve, protect, and properly utilize these resources for present and future residents of Effingham.

If you care about natural resources, consider joining the ECC to help make a difference in Effingham!

Black bear

Black Bear

ECC Members

(2018) Emelyn Albert, Chair (603) 539-2035
(2019) Tim White, Secretary
(2017) Jack Williams, Treasurer
(2017) Harry Libby, Member
(2018) Al Levesque, Member
(2019) Virginia Wrabel, Member
Kamal Nath, Alternate
Bill Wrabel, Alternate

Meetings: The ECC meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30PM at the Town Offices. The public is invited to attend. ECC meeting minutes are available at the town offices and this website.

Address: 68 School St. Effingham, NH 03882