Commission Members

Elaine Chick, Chair (2020)
Erik Jones, Assistant Chair (2019)
Sandy Finn, Secretary (2019)
John Meisner, Selectmen's Rep.

The Commission is currently seeking to fill one vacancy for a full seat, as well as two alternate seats. For more information, please contact the Commission or attend one of our meetings.

The HDC meets second Mondays at 7:00pm at the Municipal Offices.

Communications intended for the HDC should be submitted through the Effingham Town Office. Applications for HDC Certificate of Approval should be sent to the Effingham Town Office c/o Historic District Commission or bought before the Commission at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Inquiries to the Commission for guidance on the application process, questions about any current regulations, etc. may be sent to this email account:

Such emails will receive a response as time allows.  Any question requiring the entire Commission be consulted, will require that the question come before the Commission at a regularly scheduled meeting and any response will only take place after such a meeting has been held.