Winter Operation Policy Master Plan Zoning Ordinance
Selectmen Agenda Appt Form Historic District Regulations Zoning Ordinance Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Checklist
Selectmen Rules of Order Application for Certificate of  Approval Driveway Regulations Home Occupation Checklist
Understanding NH Property Taxes Application for Certificate of Approval- Applicant Checklist
Conservation Subdivision
Building Permit Application
Abatement Forms Scenic Road Ordinance Conservation Subdivision Checklist and Application Building Permit Drawing Grid
Elderly & Veterans Tax Exemption Form Lord’s Hill Historic District Metes and Bounds Description
Lot Line Adjustment
Building Permit Application for Campsites
Current Use Form (click to type fill in the boxes and then print) Center Effingham Historic District Metes and Bounds Description Lot Line Adjustment Checklist and Application RV Permit Application

RV Information Sheet

Nonprofit Funding Request Form Effingham Hist District Map Lots
Merger of Lots Application
 Driveway Regulations
Procurement Ordinance (revised)  Effingham Historic District Aerial Map  Merger Application Driveway Permit Application
Requirements for Junkyard Permits HDC Rules of Procedure
 Site Plan Review
Health Ordinance to Regulate-Subsurface Storage Systems Site Plan Regulations
Outdoor Event License Ordinance Minor Site Plan Checklist and Application ZBA Application
Right of Way Ordinance Major Site Plan Checklist and Application ZBA Rules of Procedure
Parking Ordinance 2019
Special Use Permit – Wetlands 
ZBA Internal Usage
Snow Removal Policy Special Use Permit Checklist and Application ZBA Process Instruction
Transfer Station Ordinance 2019
Steep Slopes Application & Checklist
Steep Slopes Checklist and Application
Timber Harvesting
Subdivision of Land
Guide to New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Laws Subdivision Regulations
BMPs for Erosion Control on Timber Harvesting Operations Subdivision Checklist and Application
BMPs for Forestry:Protecting New Hampshire’s Water Quality
Waiver Application – Site Plan or Subdivision
Application for Waiver