Supervisor Mark Bussiere
Attendant Bill Wrable
Attendant Brad Stuart

Rules and Regulations

1. Trash and recyclables accepted only during open hours.

HOURS Opening/Closing
Wednesdays 10 am – 4:30 pm
Saturdays & Sundays 8 am – 4:30 pm

2. Admission to transfer station is BY PERMIT ONLY.

Permits are NOT sold at the transfer station.

Permits may be obtained at the Selectmen’s Office for $1,

or through the mail by request, with verification of vehicle ownership/registration.

Selectmen’s office hours are Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 9 – 2 pm, and Fri. 9 – Noon.

3. The following fees [cash only] have been implemented at the Transfer Station.

 +++ CASH ONLY (checks are not accepted) +++

$2 per tire, $10 per electronic component, $10 per non-Freon item, $20 per Freon item.

[Staples Stores offer free recycling of electronics. Link here.]

4. All trash and recyclables must be deposited in designated containers only.

5. The following are accepted at the transfer station:

  • COMBINED RECYCLING: Paper, plastics, all glass, tin, aluminum
  • Household garbage
  • Motor oil in clear container, only in designated area
  • Tires with a rim size of 20″ or less, in designated area
  • Large metal (refrigerators, washers and dryers, stoves, bikes, bed springs, metal drums, etc.) in designated area
  • Brush (incl. stumps to 5″ and untreated wood scraps) in designated area
  • Other household items not above (chairs, tables, demo material)

6. The following are NOT accepted:   NO COMMERCIAL WASTE

  • Tires with a rim size larger than 20″
  • Bricks, as from chimneys
  • Explosives such as dynamite and ammunition
  • Gas or gas products (except used uncontaminated motor oil in acceptable container)
  • Other hazardous items such as strong acids and bases, highly volatile products and asbestos
  • Human or animal waste
  • Motor vehicles (incl. motorcycles, tractors, etc.)

7. Use of firearms on transfer station premises is strictly forbidden.

8. The transfer station attendant and town Police are empowered to enforce these rules and regulations.  Offenders shall be subject to fines as follows:

1st offense Warning
2nd offense $10 fine
3rd offense $20 fine
4th offense Loss of Transfer Station privileges

9. The transfer station closes in observance of the following federal holidays:

Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, Independence Day, Veterans Day.

10. Under authority granted by RSA 31-39, the Selectmen of Effingham have adopted the following ordinance:

“That no private dump shall be used or operated in the Town of Effingham.  All such materials shall be transported to the Effingham Town Transfer Station under the adopted rules and regulations effective August 1, 1978.”