CCCD appeal for help for broadband:

Citizens of Effingham, your help is needed.  And this will only take a few minutes of your time.

In short, it is well known that the FCC internet speed data being relied upon by the internet service providers like Spectrum and Fidium Fiber to create their internet grant applications for wiring Unserved and Underserved addresses is not very accurate.  UNH was contracted by the State of NH to create an accurate mapping of internet speeds around the state.  Using the independent nonprofit company, M-Lab, UNH is gathering data now and ongoing for the foreseeable future (no people names are captured).  As citizens, we need to take it upon ourselves to prove that our internet speeds DO NOT MEET the minimum 100 MBPS download and 20 MBPS upload.  Above these speeds is considered “Served” by the definition and does not qualify for any grant money.  Anything below Served is either ‘Underserved” or ‘Unserved’.  Both of the latter two categories qualify for government grant monies to improve the speeds. 

If the ‘wrong/bad’ internet speed data that is reported is all that the state and the internet service providers see, no company can qualify for grants to improve internet speeds for Effingham.  Please help yourself and the citizens of Effingham today, take the speed test.  click this link:

Thank you for your support.  And . . . please share this message and speed test link to anyone that is in your email contact list.

Chuck Fuller, Effingham Representative

Carroll County Communications District

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