Town Annual Reports

Before each March town meeting, the prior year’s Annual Report is prepared along with proposed warrant articles. 2017 Annual Report is printed for 2018 town meeting.

After each town meeting, the Town Clerk prepares the Town Meeting Minutes, reporting the official votes on the proposed warrant articles as they may have been amended during the voting process at town meeting. The minutes will appear in that calendar year’s Town Report, to be printed for the following year’s town meeting.

So the 2017 Annual Report prepared for the 2018 town meeting includes the 2018 proposed Warrant Articles but the final vote results of the warrant articles as they may have been amended appear in the town meeting minutes.*

(*which can also be found in that year’s annual Annual Report for the next town meeting)

(Includes proposed warrant articles) (Final votes on final warrant articles)
2021 Annual Report 2022 Town Meeting
2020 Annual Report 2021 Town Meeting
2019 Annual Report 2020 Town Meeting
2018 Annual Report 2019 Town Meeting
2017 Annual Report 2018 Town Meeting
2016 Annual Report 2017 Town Meeting
2015 Annual Report 2016 Town Meeting
2014 Annual Report 2015 Town Meeting
2013 Annual Report 2014 Town Meeting
2012 Annual Report 2013 Town Meeting
2011 Annual Report 2012 Town Meeting
2010 Annual Report 2011 Town Meeting
2009 Annual Report 2010 Town Meeting
2008 Annual Report 2009 Town Meeting
2007 Annual Report 2008 Town Meeting
2006 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report
2004 Annual Report
2003 Annual Report
2002 Annual Report
2001 Annual Report
2000 Annual Report
1999 Annual Report
1998 Annual Report
1997 Annual Report
1996 Annual Report

Earlier Town Reports of many years (with gaps) located at:

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