All Town Offices CLOSED from noon Monday, Dec. 24th through Wednesday, the 26th.

Transfer Station CLOSED Wednesday, Dec. 26th.

All Town Offices CLOSED January 1st, New Year’s Day.

Selectmen’s meeting canceled Dec. 25th, and moved from Tues., Jan. 1st to Wed., Jan. 2nd.

Effective November 1st: SEPARATE GLASS RECYCLING MANDATORY at Transfer Station.

No metal/plastic: nothing can be mixed in with glass or the town can be fined for contamination.


The Effingham Conservation Commission received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the NH Association of Conservation Commissions at their 2018 annual meeting.

Ferry Beach Ecological Camp 2018 – Effingham Elementary School

2018 Ferry Beach Eco Camp 35d Grade EES

2017 Civic Awards: Emelyn Albert, Karen Payne, Dianne Park, Mike Cahalane

Emelyn Albert, Volunteer of the Yr; Karen Payne, Special Citizen of the Yr; Dianne Park, Employee of the Yr; Michael Cahalane, Elected Official of the Yr.


On August 26, 2017, the Effingham Conservation Commission held a leaf cutting for the new preserve and a short walk on a new trail that connects to an existing logging road leading down to the Pine River. Everyone who joined in the opening enjoyed the views of the river and surrounding wetlands.

All are welcome to come by and enjoy this special place (trailhead: Pine River Road).

Building Permits Required in the Town of Effingham

For any questions about whether a home or driveway project requires a permit, please contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer, Rebecca Boyden, at 539-7147. Permit applications, Grid and Zoning Ordinance are available online: “Docs, Forms & Applications”.


NH Dept. Of Safety Community Notification Program. Click link below and fill in the appropriate information to be notified by local emergency response officials in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts.

Reflective Address Marker

Click here to order Reflective Address Markers from the Fire Department.
Print out the form, complete the information and mail it to the Fire Department.

Effingham profiled in Upstate NH!