The Selectmen will be attending an ambulance contract meeting at Freedom Town Hall on November 18th at 6:00 PM.

Effingham Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s office will be closed on the following days: Thursday and Friday, November 28 & 29.

The Budget Committee will meet on Dec. 4 at 6:30pm to hear a presentation from the Governor Wentworth Regional School Board by Chairman, Jack Widmer. It is a forum strictly for the budget committee’s questions and concerns; this is not a public hearing. The public can address the school board directly at any of their regular meetings (GWRSD.ORG), and may send to the Budget Committee any questions or concerns via this email: budget (at)

There will be a meeting of the Carroll County Broadband Committee hosted by the Town of Wolfeboro at the Great Hall, Wolfeboro Town Hall 84 S. Main St. on December 12 at 10AM for a presentation, discussion and Q&A on high speed internet for Carroll County in rural NH with Consolidated Communications, Inc. All are welcome to attend.

The Effingham Budget Committee:

Jory Augenti, Tim Eldridge, Dave Strauss, Leo Racine, Terry Swanick, Tom Hart, Chuck Fuller

USED OIL cannot be accepted at the Transfer Station until further notice; the containment failed to meet requirements. Collection of used motor oil takes place on Household Hazardous Waste Day, annually held the First Saturday of August.

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT – In June 2019 at the Effingham Preservation Society Street Fair, the Effingham Conservation Commission sponsored a live animal presentation titled “Creatures of the Night” put on by the Squam Lake Natural Science Center. Over 50 people attended the show at the Historic Society and enjoyed seeing a Big Brown Bat, a banana eating Porcupine and a Barred Owl.
Winning posters of the 2019 Effingham Elementary School Earth Day Poster Contest.
Theme: What does Climate Change mean to you and our earth?

Winners: (L-R) Vada Scott, Stella Lunt, Anna Johnson, George Bull, Autumn
Lunt, Justin Sanborn-Eldridge, Rosy Peterson, Kayden Tyler.
(There was a tie in the kindergarten class).

2018 Civic Awardees: David Strauss, Crystal Hoyt, Chuck Fuller, (missing) Carol Pfister

Budget Committee and ZBA Chair, David Strauss, Elected Official of the Year; Librarian Crystal Hoyt, Employee of the Year; Chuck Fuller, member of the Budget Committee, ZBA, Capital Improvement Plan Committee and spearhead of the Historic Town Hall Project, Library Trustee and active with the Historical Society, Volunteer of the Year; and Carol Pfister (not shown) is Special Citizen of the year for having the uncanny ability to be many places at many times helping in many significant ways.

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for the Effingham Conservation Commission awarded by the NH Association of Conservation Commissions!

PINE RIVER CHERUBINI PRESERVE now OPEN! Trailhead off Pine River Rd.

Click above link to order Reflective Address Markers from the Fire Deptartment. Print out the form, complete the information and mail to the Fire Dept.

Building Permits Required in the Town of Effingham
For any questions about whether a home or driveway project requires a permit, please contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer, Rebecca Boyden, at 539-7147. Permit applications, Grid and Zoning Ordinance are available online: “Docs, Forms & Applications”.

NH Dept. of Safety Community Notification Program. Click and fill in your contact information to be notified by local emergency response officials in the event of emergency or critical community alerts.