Annual Civic Awards

2019 Annual Civic Awards

2019 Civic Awards: Volunteer of the Year, Steve Regal; Employee of the Year, Christine Holbrook; Elected Official of the Year, Theresa Swanick; and, not pictured, Citizen of the Year, Blair Folts. Carroll County Independent, 3/19/20 by M Seamans

2018 Annual Civic Awards

David Strauss, Elected Official of the Year, Crystal Hoyt, Employee of the Year, Chuck Fuller, Volunteer of the Year, and Carol Pfister (not shown) is Special Citizen of the year

2017 – Fourth Annual Civic Awards

Emelyn Albert, Volunteer of the Year; Karen Payne, Special Citizen of the Year; Dianne Park, Employee of the Year; Michael Cahalane, Elected Official of the Year.

2016 – Third Annual Civic Awards

Michael Pilkovsky, Elected Official of the Year, Edith Sharp, Special Citizen of the Year, Mark Bussiere, Employee of the Year, Tom Thompson, Volunteer of the Year

2015 – Second Annual Civic Awards

Barbara Thompson, Employee of the Year; N. Eric Potter, Volunteer of the Year; Sheila Jones, Elected Official of the Year, Jonathan Burbank, Special Citizen of the Year (not pictured)

First Annual Civic Awards – 2014

Gwen English, Employee of the Year, Deanna Amaral, Elected Official of the Year, William Piekut, Volunteer of the year, Kathy Maguire, Special Citizen of the Year

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