Supervisors of the Checklist

Residents may register to vote at the Town Clerk’s office during regular business hours.

State of NH Domicile–Residence FAQs

The Supervisors register residents to vote and maintain and update the voter checklists and voter registration files. Voter registration sessions are held periodically as mandated by law. Notifications of the place and time of these sessions are advertised in the local paper(s) with a Public Notice.

The Supervisors also register and approve addition of new voters to the checklist at all elections.

Email the Supervisors

Each Supervisor serve a 6 year term. One supervisor is elected in rotation every 2 years.

Supervisors6 year Terms Expire
Carol Pfister (Chair)2028
Cheryle Feirick2024
Leo Quirk2024 (2026)

Supervisors’ Notice for 2024

Please note that unless otherwise noted all Supervisor sessions are held in the modular building located directly behind the municipal building at 68 School Street.  A sidewalk to the left of the municipal building leads to the modular, which also houses the Police Dept. 

There is no handicapped entrance on the modular.  If you are unable to climb the 5 stairs, please be advised that The Town Clerk’s office can accept voter registrations and changes during their regular office hours.  The Supervisors will receive your voter registration/change cards directly from the Town Clerk and work on them at their next session.   

If you prefer to attend a supervisor’s session and it is difficult for you to access the modular, please contact the Town Clerk’s office at 603-539-7551, ahead of the session or email the Supervisor’s at to make arrangements for us to meet you at your car or in the town office meeting room.

Additional voter information for the State of NH can be accessed through the Secretary of State’s office or online at the state website. 

Go to the state website to view the list of identifying items that you will need to bring with you to register to vote in the town.  click on Elections.

To view your voter information               Voter Information Lookup tab – Register to Vote information.

General voter information for NH   Full links to voting information.

Supervisors Scheduled Sessions and Elections 2024 

Supervisor sessions are posted on the town website and on the front of the municipal building on left hand notice board.

January 11 – Session 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM For additions, deletions and corrections of checklist. (IN MODULAR BEHIND MUNICIPAL BLDG)

January 23 – PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY8AM – 7PM Supervisors in session 

                        @EFFINGHAM SCHOOL and 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM also at School.

March 2 –      Session 10:30AM  – 11:00 AM For additions, deletions and corrections of checklist. LAST DAY TO MAKE VOTER CHANGES OR ADDITIONS BEFORE PRIMARY. (IN MODULAR BEHIND MUNICIPAL BLDG)

March 12 –   TOWN ELECTION – 11AM – 7 PM  @ EFFINGHAM SCHOOL             Supervisors in session

March 16 –   TOWN MEETING @EFFINGHAM SCHOOL 9am till finished  Supervisors not in session                    

June 4 –       Session 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM For additions, deletions and corrections of checklist. Last Day to change party affiliation for Party Primary in September. (IN MODULAR BEHIND MUNICIPAL BLDG)

August 28-    Session 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM LAST DAY FOR CHANGES AND ADDITIONS to checklist prior to Primary.  (IN MODULAR BEHIND MUNICIPAL BLDG)

Sept 10 –       STATE PRIMARY 8 AM – 7 PM @ EFFINGHAM SCHOOL             Supervisors in session  

Oct 26            Session 11:00 – 11:30 AM For additions, deletions and corrections of checklist. (IN MODULAR BEHIND MUNICIPAL BLDG)

Nov 5             STATE GENERAL ELECTION (Presidential) 8 AM – 7 PM @EFFINGHAM SCHOOL. Supervisors in session

The checklist is the official list of registered voters of the town.  

Supervisors are in session at elections, voters may register or make corrections at the polls. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed.

Upcoming Events


May 27, 2024

Memorial Day


May 28, 4:00 pm

Board of Selectmen - Municipal Bldg 68 School St


May 30, 6:00 pm

Historic District/Heritage Commission - Municipal Bldg 68 School St


June 3, 6:30 pm

Conservation Commission - Town Offices 68 School St.


June 5, 7:00 pm

ZBA Meeting


June 6, 6:30 pm

Planning Board Mtg - Municipal Office 68 School St.


June 10, 6:00 pm

Historic District Commission - Municipal Building 68 School St.


June 11, 4:00 pm

Board of Selectmen - Municipal Bldg 68 School St


June 16, 2024

Father's Day


June 19, 6:00 pm

Historic Town Hall Project Meeting @ Eff Libraryy - Effingham Public Library 30 Townhouse Rd


June 20, 6:30 pm

Plan Board Work session - Municipal Building 68 School St.


June 25, 4:00 pm

Board of Selectmen - Municipal Bldg 68 School St