Annual Town Elections & Annual Town Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, March 10 and Saturday, March 14, 2020 – Town elections are 2nd Tuesday in March; Town Meeting is the Saturday following.

Effingham’s results for 2020 Presidential Primary (Feb. 11, 2020): 

Democratic (254 voters)Republican (184 voters)
Sanders 61Trump 160
Buttigieg 58Weld 11
Klobuchar 55Walsh 2
Biden 23Conley 1
Gabbard 20Ely 1
Warren 15Matern 1
Harris 2Maxwell 1
Yang 2Buttigieg 2 (write-in)
Bennett 1Klobuchar 2 (write-in)
Bloomberg 7 (write-in)Sanders 2 (write-in)
 Strauss 1 (write-in)

State of NH Domicile–Residence FAQs

Register to vote with the Town Clerk during office hours, at a special meeting of the Supervisors of the Checklist, or on site at election on voting day.

VOTING LOCATION – Through March of 2020, Federal, State and Town election voting, and Town Meeting, are held at Effingham Elementary School, 6 Partridge Cove Road.

Registered voters can view their own party affiliation and find information about polling places and polling hours.

US Presidential Primary: February 11, 2020

NH State Primary September 8, 2020

General US and NH State Election: November 3, 2020