Click here to email: The Town Clerk/Tax Collector Office

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10am–6pm; Wednesday & Friday 8am–Noon

Town Clerk/Tax Collector Term 
Deanna Amaral  2021
Michelle Mills, Deputy


All resident canines must be vaccinated for rabies and registered with the Town Clerk annually by April 30 or late fees apply.

License fees are payable in person or via mail after speaking with the Town Clerk.

Helpful Links

Application for a Certified Copy of a Vital Record.pdf

NH Tax Kiosk

 NHTaxKiosk.com, an online resource for New Hampshire municipalities that enables taxpayers and others to view the status of current and recent tax bills.

Voter Information Look-Up Link

Registered voters can go on-line to view their voting statistics (party affiliation, voting history, etc) and find information about polling places and polling hours.