ECC Frequently Asked Questions

 What are Wetlands?

Those areas that are inundated or saturated by surface or ground waters at a frequency and duration sufficient to support, and that under normal conditions do support a prevalence of vegetation adapted for life in saturated soil conditions. Wetlands generally include, but are not limited to, swamps, marshes, bogs, and similar areas.

Does Effingham have a wetland Ordinance?

Yes, it is Article 16 of the Effingham Zoning Ordinance.

Where are the conservation properties?

The complete list is available in the Natural Resource Chapter of the Effingham Master Plan or by contacting the ECC, 68 School St., Effingham, NH 03882

Something is eating the bark off the bottom of my trees. What could this be?

If the animal is chewing off more than the bark and taking the entire tree down, it is probably a beaver. If it is just eating the bark around the trees, it could be a vole, mouse, porcupine or possibly a rabbit. To prevent further damage to the trees, you can purchase plastic mouse guards that can be wrapped around the base of the trees. You can also purchase 1/4″ hardware cloth from a hardware store and wrap a 2′ length of it around the trunk. (Hardware cloth is an inexpensive galvanized mesh that these animals cannot chew through).

I saw a raccoon (fox, skunk, etc) during the day. Is it rabid?

Not necessarily. These animals are generally nocturnal (active during the night), however, it is not unusual to see them during the daytime. For example, during the spring, adults will be foraging for food day and night for their young. If you see any type of unusual behavior, such as an animal pacing back and forth, or signs of aggression, contact the N.H. Fish and Game Dispatch Line at (603) 271-3361 or call your local police.

What can I do about flying squirrels or other small animals that have taken up winter residence in my attic or other part of the house?

These creatures are looking for a warm, safe place to take up residency for the winter. An overhanging branch or tree limb is an open invitation for these species to get onto your roof and possibly into your home. Trim the overhangs as much as possible to prevent animals from easily getting onto your roof. If an animal gets into your home, you will need to remove it, if not on your own, then by contacting a Wildlife Control Operator to assist with the removal. Once the animal is removed, you need to determine how the animal got in; eaves, cracks in the foundation, an open door, etc. Once you locate the entryway you need to block it off so the animal cannot return. You can also contact USDA Wildlife Services at (603) 223-6832. They can give you information to assist you with the removal of the animals.

What is KELF? And how can I participate?

KELF (Keep Effingham Litter Free) is an informal group of residents who keep their roads clean of litter. Free bags and gloves are available at the Town Offices and the Effingham Library. Please contact the ECC if you would like to join KELF and help keep Effingham litter free.

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December 20, 6:00 pm

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Conservation Commission - Town Offices 68 School St.